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Weight Classification: MODERATE Lining: UNLINED
Exterior Colour: ORANGE , BLACK
Former Pattern Style: DIAMOND Exterior Finish: CHLORINATED
Composition: UNLINED Cuff Finish: BEADED
Available Sizes: ALL, MEDIUM, LARGE
Packing: 1 Pair / 1 Polypropylene Bag, 12 PP bags / Zip Bag, 20 Zip Bags / 1 Carton
Carton: 240 Pairs / 1 Carton ( 36 W x 48 L x 32 H cm )


Size Weight/pair
Thickness @ Palm
Single Wall
gm mm Mill mm in mm
SMALL 53±5 0.40±0.1 300-330 96±5
MEDIUM 61±5 0.40±0.1 300-330 100±5
LARGE 66±5 0.40±0.1 300-330 110±5
Conformity: US.FDA21 CFR 177.2600 (Food Contact) , Anti-bacteria 

CE EN 420

Manufactured under: ISO 9001:2015 , ISO 14001:2015 , Quality Management System, Thailand Green Industry Level 3
Defect: Major defects are imperfections which will result in the failure of the gloves to perform its
Definitions: intended purposes (AQL 3.00) 

Minor defects are imperfections which may result in the failure of the gloves to perform its

intended purposes (AQL 3.00)

Major defects: Holes, Tears, Weakness, Porosity
Minor defects: Dirt, Strains, Stickiness, Thin Spots

Properties to International Standard Test Methods.

Property Unit of Measure Before Aging After Aging
Tensile Strength Mpa,N/m ≥ 10 ≥ 7.5
Elongation @ Break % ≥ 500 ≥ 375

General Information

Shelf Life: 3 Years in cool, covered condition, exterior exposure to direct sunlight will reduce Shelf Life and will result in fading, discolouration and cracking.
Caution: 1) This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reaction in some individuals. 

2) Not applicable for electrical use, protecting ionizing radiation, flames and temperature at minus or over 100 degrees C.


Household Rubber Gloves:

Rubber Gloves are used in a variety of industries, from personal domestic home care to professional cleaning services industry. The main purpose of using gloves is to protect the hands from hazardous materials such as chemicals or detergents.

Household latex gloves are popular with professional cleaners and with every user at home or workplace. We produce household gloves in a wide range of colors and cuff lengths. The material used for making household gloves is latex, from natural rubber. The best gloves are usually unlined in order to have a better fit on the skin and comfortable feel.

Household gloves can be modified and customized in our production as per customer’s requirements. The weight can be reduced for lighter feel on the skin or increased to improve protection.

Airedale Chemical Company Limited latex gloves:

Airedale Chemical Company Limited is the market leader in manufacturing latex household gloves within the Kingdom of Thailand and we produce a variety of household gloves.

We produce high quality gloves with excellent elongation, elasticity, and superb tensile strength. Our latex gloves have the best comfort and feel with a second skin sensation. We produce odorless gloves. Our household gloves have a strong barrier protection against bacteria, viruses, and unwanted infections.

Our latex household gloves are produced to give the user comfort, natural feel, easy to wear on and easy to remove. We produce superb quality at very competitive prices.

Airedale Chemical Company Limited ’ factory is among Thailand’s most respected manufacturers of rubber gloves. Our production facilities can produce a wide range of latex gloves. We produce our regular made and tailor made products for customers. We are committed to providing our clients with high quality rubber gloves. We can deliver quickly and efficiently.

Quality Standards: 

Manufactured under: Conforms to:
ISO 9001 CE EN ISO 21420:2020
ISO 14001 CE EN 420
FDA Tested

Household Glove / Household Latex Gloves / Domestic Natural Rubber Gloves:

Benefits & Characteristics

Application & Industry Use

Biodegradable Personal Protective Equipment Gloves
Competitive Price Cleaning and Janitorial rubber gloves
Reduce hand fatigue Food Production rubber gloves
Durable and long lasting Food Processing rubber gloves
Different sizes and colors Health & Safety rubber gloves
Comfortable Natural Feel General Purpose latex gloves
Superior material properties Kitchen & Restaurant gloves
Agile handling of any devices Food Handling latex gloves
Excellent fit, feel and odorless Automotive rubber gloves
chemical resistance properties Domestic rubber gloves
Secure and excellent sensitivity home care rubber gloves
Low protein and allergen content Service Facilites gloves
Superior puncture and tear resistance Pet Care rubber gloves
Dexterous and Secure handling of objects Janitorial latex gloves
Smooth surface with excellent tactile sensitivity Gardening gloves
Excellent elongation and superior tensile strength Cleaning gloves
Protect from the spread of bacteria, viruses, and infections Multi-Purpose